Drugs are for life, Don’t let drugs costs you “Your Life”

In USA, one of the most Rx Medicine, Gabapentine, around 50 brands in capsules and Tablets are available, market is growing by roughly 8-10%. This is the scenario in most of the markets beat developed or emerging one. Gabapentin is a prescription only medicine used to treat epilepsy and neuropathic pain. A prescription only medicine can only be prescribed following a consultation with a doctor. Gabapentin can produce feelings of relaxation, calmness and euphoria and has been reported by some to cause stimulant effects. available in following strengths: 800 mg; 600 mg; 100 mg; 300 mg; 400 mg; 250 mg/5 mL. 95% of Gabapentin formulations are in CapsulesTablets and are normally swallowed, but there have been reports of the powder from gabapentin capsules being snorted.

As the opioid crisis continues, there has been a notable increase in gabapentin prescription and abuse. A primary reason for gabapentin misuse is to get high.Some users report a “high” when taking gabapentin alone or in combination with other drugs.

Self-described effects include: 1. Euphoria (like a weaker opioid high) 2. Marijuana-like high 3. Becoming more social 4. Relaxation/Calm/Sedation 5. Effects similar to amphetamine

Gabapentin (1500 mg-12,000 mg) may cause euphoria alone or when combined with: 1. Alcohol 2. Baclofen 3. Buprenorphine/naloxone 4. Methadone 5. Quetiapine

Gabapentin (600-4800 mg) may cause sedation alone or when combined with: 1. Quetiapine 2. Alcohol 3. Marijuana 4. Buprenorphine/naloxone [R]

Out of curiosity I googled on Gabapentin, and I saw following links 1. Is Neurontin (Gabapentin) a Drug of Abuse?   2. Neurontin Abuse More Common That You Think  3. Abuse on the rise of prescription drug gabapentin, known as ‘Johnnys’  4. Should Gabapentin Be a Controlled Substance?  5. Lyrica and Gabapentin (Neurontin) Now Linked To Heroin Overdose Deaths 6. Certain Factors May Increase the Likelihood of Gabapentin Overuse  7. Gabapentin Uses: Getting High, Anxiety and Pain + Side Effects, Dosage, Withdrawal 

Below reads are from those who snorted Gabapentine

and most abused drug classes

I will leave you with a thought, what has to be done?? How things can be streamline, No doubt one has to look at it from both the sides, Additional responsibility on Doctors, Compounding Pharmacies, chemists, and from family, someone need to take ownership, which are the Rx medicines are at home and to keep track on consumption of same.

This write up is for professionals from Formulation & Development, Research & Development and Brand managers to think over and evaluate options by which these three classes of medicines, can they be either formulated in special designed formulation or in the specialised package which will be difficult for our all time misusers/abusers to get high with.

With my limited knowledge, I could see two ways to deal with it, one is with formulation change and second is packaging

In formulation

Tamper-resistant pharmaceutical dosage form, i.e. Tabsules – Enrobe a tablet with a high gloss gelatin cover (as gelatine enrobed tablet won’t get crush as easily as tablet) Provides Regulatory compliance with tamper evident dosage form, Strong anti-counterfeiting, a unique Brand Identity and provide Taste masking, Examples are there in the market,

Abuse-resistant pharmaceutical dosage form i.e. An abuse-resistant, oral, solid pharmaceutical dosage form comprising at least one active ingredient with potential for abuse and at least one antagonist for this active ingredient spatially separate from the active ingredient

Below image summarise all this post:

Drugs/Medicines are for life, Don’t let drugs costs you “your life”

*Above Write up is all with my personal observations and suggestions are with my limited knowledge on Dosage forms and packaging .

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